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Day 21


Speed Control Preparation
3D print of mount for potentiometer and servo motor

Android App Development

Arrival of QFE ESM



Calculations for braking stepper motor mount


Acrylic Comparison

User Experience Testing

Jacky's (literally) head-mounted display.

3D Models of various design styles (see specs)

Designs considered for body

Joy "Camper Crystal Van"

Cesar "Geodesic"

Cesar "Reverso"

Cesar "Octagon"

Cesar's "gems" and votes.

Mason's Design

Design conversation

Functionalities the car should have

- Ultrasound (proximity sensors)
- Cameras (visual processing)
- Lidar
- Accelerometer, Gyro
- Head mounted Display / holograms for passengers
- Modularity
- Ability to switch for passenger to driver
- freedom of position, modular free interior

Exterior “MINERAL”

- consistent triangles
- remove the aberration on the non-triangles
- Cover of the batteries
- wheels surrounding shape should be triangles
- the car should not look like a “mushroom”, the skirt should wrap around below the car as real cut gems do have a top and a bottom

Interior Design “ORGANIC”

- desire to have a modular flooring system to attach equipments, Railings
- curved wheel covers
- Electronics and dashboard on the front panel 
- Dashboard with Android tablet
- Kill switch on dashboard
- Breaks on a small floor-mounted module
- Need to have furnitures that require no screw driver to attach

Soundscape, feeling inside

- Feeling of spaceship
- Sensor and progressive / gentle alert, like in a Star Wars
- interior needs to have cool air, air flow
- Story “Vocal kill switch”
- Massage chair as suggested by Lucille
MakerBay Hong Kong,
Jul 30, 2016, 10:12 AM
MakerBay Hong Kong,
Jul 30, 2016, 10:13 AM
MakerBay Hong Kong,
Jul 30, 2016, 10:13 AM
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