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Day 12

Today, we have a lot of new team mates!
Welcome to MakerBay Electric Vehicle Lab!

MakerBay EV Lab MakerBay EV Lab
MakerBay EV Lab MakerBay EV Lab 

We discussed the goals and targets for our electric vehicle, while learning about each other's skills, interests, and objectives. 

We learned about the different skills that we would learn throughout the project, such as 3D modeling. 

MakerBay EV Lab 

After getting to know each other better, we disassembled the electric vehicle (skeleton of a second hand golf cart) by unmounting: 

- the wheels

- the suspension

- the braking system 

- the steering system

We then organized our space according to the structure of our vehicle so that we could identify each part clearly:

- electric components

- mechanical components

Overview of car parts