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Electronic Specs


Phase 1
Radio control
Digital Speed control
Digital Steering control
Digital brake control
RF transmission
Sensor unit
Ultrasound sensor
PIR sensor
Environment sensor( temperature, humidity)

Phase 2

Bluetooth communication
Android app
Electrical installation
lighting & horn
Phase 3
Camera based system
Wireless charging

Technical Specs

Battery - initial 
Item                             Specs      Remarks
 Type       Deep-cycle Lead Acid Battery      
 Voltage  48V (6V per cell)  8 cell in series connection
 Capacity      200 Ah  
 Peak Current Draw  270 A  
 Normal Current Draw  90 A  

QFE's ESM (Energy Storage Module) - final 

Item                             Specs      Remarks
 Type       Lithium-ion platform for stationary and renewable energy storage      Advantages include cell-level fusing, direct conductive cooling channels, EPRI, BMS
 Nominal Capacity  42 Ah  0.2 C discharge
 End-of-charge Voltage  57.4 V  Software limited
 Nominal Voltage  50.4 V  
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage  42.0 V  Software limited
 Maximum Charge Current 25 A   
 Peak Discharge Current 60 A   
Module Weight  17.4 kg  
Module Dimensions 423 x 398 x 96 mm   
 Battery Cell 18650 form factor, 2600 mAh, 3.6V nominal   14 series, 16 parallel (224 cells total)


Item                             Specs      Remarks
Type   Series DC motor  
Power      4 kW  
Voltage  48V   
Peak Current Draw  270 A  
Normal Current Draw  90 A  
Download Schematic


Speed Controller

Item                             Specs      Remarks
Type      Series DC controller  
Brand  Curtis  
Model Number   1204M - 1205M  8 cell in series connection
Voltage   36 - 48 V  
Current   500 A  

Download Datasheet


  • Forward/Backward switch voltage: 30 V, 0.5 A 
  • Main Switch: 30 V, 0.2 A 
  • Undervoltage cutoff: 32.16V 
  • Overvoltage cutoff: 51.6V 
  • Battery side peak current: 325A 
  • Battery side max. continuous current: 70A
Initial Power diagram

Intermediate Block Diagram for Sensors

Intermediate Signal Diagram

Possible applications and features

Part List electronics

Steering - Download Arduino code

VI - Download file

Navigation Application 

Current files: 

- Home Page
- Digital Page
Further Development: 
- Data Logging
- Sending/receiving data to/from Arduino via Bluetooth 
- Improve UI (make buttons into navigation panel)