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Electric Vehicle Lab


Makerbay's Electric Vehicle Lab is a project involving a diverse team of innovative designers and engineers who work together to build a concept electric car to be displayed at the Formula E eVillage, in the occasion of  FIA's upcoming Formula E Championship. The EV Lab brings together the world's first fully electric racing series and Hong Kong's leading makerspace as its Education Partner to raise awareness about the importance of electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and environmental issues. During four electrifying weeks, the team will take part in design thinking, industrial design, rapid prototyping, social R&D, mechanical and electrical engineering, open hardware documentation and many fabrication techniques in a highly experimental workshop. 

Getting Started

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This summer come learn, design and build an innovative electric vehicle with our Maker Community from 18 July - 12 August 2016 in Hong Kong. The electric vehicle prototype that you will help us make will be documented here and displayed at the Formula E event to showcase the technology behind the vehicle and celebrate the collaborative effort of the participants. Apply online
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You can find all the information you need to design, configure, and build your own modular and affordable electric vehicle on this page. The objectives of the project are detailed in the Features section and the full prototype documentation including design, mechanical, electrical, and software development are available in the Documentation section. 

Follow the progress of our projects day by day in the R&D section! 

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If you want to get involved, please feel free to contact us! 
More importantly, if you can help us with any comments, ideas, or suggestions, we would be more than happy to receive your insight in our forum
You can see the current status of our Electric Vehicle day by day on our log page.
These are the areas you can get involved with. Please get in touch if you are interested!

 Design  Mechanics  Electric  Software  Documentation &
 Partnership & Sponsorship


  • Motion: Three levels allowing slow-moving vehicle able to be (1) manually directed, (2) RC directed, (3) self-driving
  • Design: Allow the potential incorporation of all sensors necessary for an autonomous vehicle, hard exterior, soft/modular interior, include user experience and safety features 
  • Energy: electric automobile
  • Accessibility : Open hardware optimized for software integration 


            Design               Mechanical
                     Design                                                                    Mechanical   

           Electronic                                                                 Software

Get Inspired

Discover our partners and the projects that inspire us! 

MakerBay will be collaborating with OSVehicle to learn from its open source technology: a revolutionary, modular, and affordable vehicle. 
MakerBay is the Official Education Partner of Formula E Hong Kong ePrix.